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Products Built to Last

Fibrestick Manufacturing, Ltd., is all about manufacturing MDF moulding, door jambs, baseboards and other interior finishing products for building contractors. We love manufacturing beautiful mouldings and interior finishing products. Our products are both functional and decorative and made to last a lifetime.

Quality Materials

Aflakeboard logot Fibrestick Mfg, Ltd., we consistently meet or exceed the quality expectations of our customers. Our dedicated and experienced team buys the appropriate grade and quality of raw material to ensure proper manufacturing and finishing. Flakeboard.com

Quality That's Built-in

At Fibrestick Mfg, Ltd., every run of mouldings is tested for compliance with our rigid dimensional specification and quality standards. Using a computer-generated template, we verify that the height, depth and face profile of all manufactured product remains true to the original design. Fibrestick Mfg., has built a reputation for standards that are the highest in the industry.


Fibrestick Mfg, Ltd., can instantly ship a wide variety of moulding profiles, or draw from our extensive library of different shapes. Alternately, we can custom design to the exact specifications, including material, grade, and length structure, packaging, shipping, precision end trimming, priming, and pre-finishing.

Advanced Manufacturing

Fibrestick Mfg, Ltd., boasts some of the most advanced manufacturing equipment and processes available. This allows us to design profiles and produce them to extremely tight tolerances. Using superior technology and equipment our well-trained workforce consistently produces high quality mouldings.